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How to Recycle Tires for Money

Start a Tire Recycling Business to Make Extra Money


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In order to start your own profitable tire recycling business, you will discover several things which may take up more room and a stack of used tires. But really you will make money with those old tires.  Most companies buy used tires to recycle into liquid rubber products, and they resell the products to the market, but this way you will need more plan and also cost you more money to build a business like this.

How to Recycling Tires for Money

Start Tire Recycling Business

But the company services will give other advantage, in case you need to start your own small business. Most auto shops a service stations do not have a large space to save tires, and some of them need to remove old tires. It is a great opportunity to recycle tires for a nice supplementary source of income.

The following are some steps to start it up.


Step 1:  Contact retreaders, recyclers, and rubber companies.

You can grab a phone book and look for tire retreaders, recyclers and rubber companies within driving distance. Some of these retailers usually buy old and used tires, since they will re-use the tires in their operations. Make sure that you ask them about their policies regarding the old and used tires. Try to find out, what type of tires they will like to buy, and do not forget to ask how much they are going to pay for the tires, and tire quantities they will take at a time.

Step 2: Choose the best retailers.

The best retailers are companies which will pay the most, or accept any type of tire in any condition. After you get your retailer, give your list to them.

Step 3: Take a look for old tires.

Try to go to local gas stations, since most of these places have a great number of old tires. Ask them whether you can take old tires off their hands or not. Since gas stations accumulate old tires as a part of the automotive operations; they usually spend more money to to pay someone to remove and transport them off-site. Just tell them that you are going to perform the transport service for free. You will get free used tires, just by picking up these tires.

Step 4: Take the tires directly to your retailers.

Transport as many tires as possible to your retailers, you will earn extra money by doing this. If you do not have a truck, you can use any garage or backyard. Simply pick up the tires with your small car and save them into the garage. Otherwise, you can build a simple structure with roof in your backyard as tire storage. When you have 100 tires, just call the facility to schedule a pick up.


Since anyone can go pick up the tires and dump them as a trash on the side of the road, most state need you to register your small business. That way you will be held accountable when bad thing like that happens to your business. To register your business, you can go to your local city hall, and spend your money for less than $50 in most states.

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